Help out the Finnish Society by coming to our baking days, and learn how to make these traditional baked goods!

They will be sold at the Suomi-Kauppa and the annual Christmas Bazaar. A special baking day will bake for the upcoming Baltic Festival which will be held at the Finnish Hall on the 21st of October.

Please bookmark this page, so you can easily come back later, as dates may change.

Below is the list of baking days leading up to Christmas.

15/09/18 Lauantai/Saturday
  • Karjalanpiirakat (Karelian Pasties)
06/10/18 Lauantai/Saturday
  • Ruisleipä (Rye Bread )
20/10/18 Lauantai/Saturday
  • Baking for Baltic Festival
30/10/18 Tiistai/Tuesday
  • Karjalanpiirakat (Karelian Pasties)
03/11/18 Lauantai/Saturday
  • Laatikot (Casseroles)
06/11/18 Tiistai/Tuesday
  • Pulla (Coffee Bread)
  • Joululimput (Christmas Bread)
10/11/18 Lauantai/Saturday
  • Lihapiirakat (Meat Pies)
  • Ruisleipä  (Rye Bread)
18/11/18 Sunnuntai/Sunday
  • Piparit (Gingerbread)
  • Joulutortut (Christmas Stars)
 23/11/18 Perjantai/Friday
  • Viinerit (Danishes)
  • Korvapuustit (Cinnamon Buns)
  • Lihapiirakat (Meat Pies)

If you would like to attend one or more of these, please book by contacting one of us below:

Pirjo Tossavainen – ph. 0419 554 390 – email: tossavainen@bigpond.com
Lea Jortikka – ph. 0401 864 537 / 9729 4483 – email: jortikka@optusnet.com.au

The kitchen does have limited space so booking your baking spot is essential. If too many people want to attend on a particular date, we may contact you again to ask if we can reallocate you.