The Finnish Society of Melbourne is run by a committee of its members, elected at the Annual General Meetings (AGM).

Johtokunnan jäsenet / Committee members 2019-2020

Office Positions

These positions are for one year terms and, as such, are re-elected every year at the AGM.

Puheenjohtaja / Chairperson:
Jori Tossavainen
Vara Puheenjohtaja / Vice Chairperson:
Cati Jumpponen
Rahastonhoitaja / Treasurer:
Pirjo Tossavainen
Sihteeri / Secretary:
Tara Jumpponen

Other Committee Members

Ordinary Committee members are elected for a two year term, deputies for one year.

Ordinary MembersDeputies:
Anneli JortikkaRiina Aapa
Kimmo SiljanderSanna Heinola
Lauri Jortikka
Mari-Anne Pessi
Tuire Karaharju-Huisman

Ryhmän Johtajat / Group Coordinators:

Coordinators are automatically on the Committee as representatives of their group. They are nominated by their respective group then accepted at each AGM.

Keskiviikkokerho / Wednesday:
Mukulat / Kids Club:
-Inactive- let us know if you want to take
Kuoro / Choir:
Viestintä / Communications:
Urheilu / Sports:
Mauri Kankaanpää
Kansantanssi / Folk dancing

Other Positions

These are not committee positions, but provide indispensable services to the society and its members.

Talonmies / Caretaker:
Gillian Martin
Kirjasto / Library: James Henderson
Kauppias / Shop Keeper: Irja Frantti
Assisted by: Jeffery McDougall