The billiards competition is over, we thank all our participants and congratulate the winners. Our new champions are Talvikki Jumpponen and Veikko Fadjukoff!

Placements are as follows:

Women: 1st Talvikki Jumpponen, 2nd Melody Jumpponen, and 3rd Terttu Jumpponen

From left: Terttu, Melody, Talvikki

Men: 1st Veikko Fadjukoff, 2nd Mauri Kankaampaa, and 3rd Jouko Jumpponen

From left: Jouko, Veikko, Mauri


The day was great fun. The wonderful kitchen team worked tirelessly to serve great food and coffee, as always, and the billiard team, lead by Harri Jumpponen, made sure the competition was running smoothly and efficiently.

If you missed out, be sure to attend next year! You meet wonderful people, and you might just become one of our next champions.