The Bazaar this year is going to be very different from previous years… This year the Finnish Christmas Bazaar will be virtual! Stalls will be featured below.

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FSM’s Baked Goods

These delicious Finnish foods are handmade and baked by FSM’s Members. There are Casseroles, Pies, Buns, Bread, Biscuits, Cakes and all your favorite Christmas treats.

Pre-order and Pickup at the Finnish Hall on 12th-13th December

FSM’s Finnish Shop

Your local Finnish shop here in Melbourne. Imported Finnish Confectionary, Condiments, Coffee, and More!

Shop will be open on 12-13th December, 9am-2pm at the Finnish Hall.

Maijuskaari is so privileged to showcase Finnish glass blown birds from Bianco Blu Fiskars, Finland, Home and Giftware from Pluto Produkter Sweden. Arriving on 14th December Vaasan Aito Saippua Oy, The Original Finnish Sauna soaps.

Mention The Finnish Society of Melbourne Christmas Bazaar and receive 25% Off the Recommended Retail Price. Offer ends the 15th December.

Our products encompas Nordic and Baltic heritage. Faced with long winters, the Scandinavians and Northern Europeans are ardent followers of ‘hygge’, the art of creating an environment of comfort, timeless elegance, pleasure and tranquillity in their homes.

Produced in the cool climate of Northern Europe by our passionate and environmentally conscious artisans who share our passion and respect for the environment to produce their distinct and elegant products

We are driven by the passion of our homeland, heritage along with timeless elegance and style.

Limited Time offer: 15% off ceramics range for purchases between now and 18 December.  The discount will be applied at the checkout when the code “Suomi15” is entered in the discount field.

Beautiful (yet powerful) immune boosting elixirs (two flavors – seabuckthorn and blackcurrant) from Estonia

About the product:

  • Premium Food Supplements — Organic Elixirs
  • IMMUNE SYTEM BOOSTER with vitamin C in the era of Covid-19, 50ml (daily dose) has 250% of the daily Vitamin C PREMIUM QUALITY – HACCP, EU Organic, USDA Organic, FDA registered
  • UNIQUE STORY – 100 years old recipe (chaga, herbs, berries, and honey) combined with science.
  • All ingredients come from Estonia, 51% of which is covered by forest and boast clean water and air (not from China!)
  • Most potent Chaga and medicinal herbs grow in harsh Nordic climates from -35C to +35C
  • Its not only that the quality of the product is absolutely premium (90% of Chaga mushroom comes from China, ours is grown in Estonia) and its based on the 100 years old family recipe, it is also a sustainable brand and they are working alongside forest owners in Estonia to grow their own Chaga!
  • Full traceability means they are able to trace each bottle of elixir produced back to the exact tree where the chaga mushroom was picked from.

We have created a unique discount code that gives -20% storewide and is valid until 31/01/2021. Just visit our webstore, then on checkout, use the discount code: fsmelbourne20. Afterpay available

We ship from Perth, WA

And more to come…