The Finnish Society’s baked goods is one of the main forms of fundraising which enable us to run events and celebrate our culture.

You can help the Finnish Society by coming to our baking days. Join the production crew and learn how to make traditional Finnish cinnamon buns, rye bread, Karelian pies and more while in good company!

Bakers will be able to buy what was made on the day for a discount. Then they will available at the Finnish Shop / Suomi-Kauppa and the annual Christmas Bazaar.

Contact Mauri Kankaanpää if you are interested in joining. – 0412 328 607

Scheduled baking days:
7th Lokakuu/October – Porkkana ja lanttu laatikot / Swede and carrot bakes
15th Lokakuu/October
16th Lokakuu/October
29th Lokakuu/October
30th Lokakuu/October
11th Marraskuu/November
12th Marraskuu/November
18th Marraskuu/November
25th Marraskuu/November